Jeff Holm

Graduate Student
Biology, pre-med concentration; biochemistry minor
Class of 2014
Alma Mater:
The University of Olivet

Independent Alum of the Day

Jeff Holm is a 2014 Olivet College graduate who majored in biology with a pre-med concentration and biochemistry minor. Jeff is now a graduate student at the University of Michigan College of Pharmacy where he is pursuing his doctor of pharmacy degree.

“My life at Olivet College has prepared me well for graduate school,” he said. “Olivet has a small, ‘hometown’ feel to it; I had the same classmates in a majority of my classes. These classmates, my professors and I became a close-knit family after four years together. I anticipate the same atmosphere in this particular graduate program.”

“One piece of advice I would give: take advantage of your professors’ and advisors’ willingness to help you succeed. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. If you never ask, you might never learn the answer.”

Jeff works at an independently-owned pharmacy and thinks he’d like to return to that environment when he graduates in four years.

My latest accomplishments

I was accepted into both the University of Michigan and Ferris State University pharmacy schools. I can’t explain the excitement I felt. I went from relaxing to jumping up and down when I received the acceptance letter from Ferris. As you may know, Michigan is a bit more difficult of a program to get into; so when I received their notification too, I was in disbelief.

Next big goal

The University of Michigan College of Pharmacy doctor of pharmacy (PharmD) program will take me four years to complete. The first three will focus primarily on classroom-based learning. During my fourth year, I will rotate through many different pharmacy environments with a focus on the clinical experience. 

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