Kalamazoo Promise

Kalamazoo Promise Students:

Did you know that you can use your Kalamazoo Promise scholarship at Michigan’s top 14 private colleges and universities?

Now, your Kalamazoo Promise scholarship opens even more doors to a four year degree.  The Michigan Colleges Alliance, a collective of the top independent colleges and universities in Michigan, represents 41,000 students, 250,000 alumni and more than 100 academic programs.

Our students get the best of both worlds: small college values like critical thinking, ethics and personal attention, and big college quality with outstanding faculty and rigorous academic offerings.  The schools emphasize community over crowds and pride themselves on helping students forge their own path.  Classes are taught by professors, not teaching assistants, with average class sizes of just 17.5 students.  The independents open doors to a host of careers, from business and engineering to education and nursing, supported by a nurturing network of alumni who have become leaders in their fields.  And the independent colleges look like the world around them.  One in 4 students at Michigan private colleges and universities is African American, American Indian, Asian, Hispanic or Latino.

Ready to choose your own path? Click a school below to learn more. Be bold. Be different. Go Independent.

Win another scholarship!

We’re committed to providing a world-class college experience for every student.  That’s why from November to May, Michigan Colleges Alliance awards four “We Are The Independents” scholarships of $2,000 each month to high school juniors and seniors.  Click here to enter.