Laura Mosher

Collective Idea
Computer Science
Class of 2011
Alma Mater:
Calvin University

Independent Alum of the Day

At the behest of her mother, Laura Mosher visited a college with no intentions of attending.  Well, Mom was right and one visit was all it took for Laura to know that Calvin College was the choice for her. Laura began her studies at Calvin with a plan to pursue engineering, but quickly realized the kind of engineering she was studying was simply not for her. A year later, she was introduced to computer science as a conduit for both her intrigue of languages and translation and her technical, geeky side.  Laura completed her Bachelor of Computer Science in three years with emphasis in Asian studies and mathematics

During her college days and now beyond, Laura has been involved in organizing, volunteering, and participating in BarcampGR, GiveCampGR, GLSEC, Design for Good, and GR Dev Day.  She is also pursuing volunteer opportunities with BitCamp.

In 2013, Laura married her best friend, also a Calvin grad, and a month later, moved to Kansas City, MO.  In 2014, she made another change and returned to West Michigan.  Now she is putting down roots in the Grand Rapids area and recently bought a house where she resides with her husband and their hedgehog, Princess Kitana.

Now, Laura is a developer for Collective Idea, a software company located in the heart of downtown Holland.

My motivation

My biggest motivator is my husband. He encourages me in everything I do and acts as my rock and biggest fan when things don't go so well. Without him, I would not be where I am today.

My latest accomplishments

Recently, I successfully launched a large application to a specialized team at a Fortune 500 company (unfortunately, the NDA restricts me from supplying specifics). We have spent the better part of 8 months gathering requirements and creating an amazing product from base requirements and previously flopped attempts at improving their jobs with software. Within a week of our pilot program launch, we were told that the teams were already pushing additional work outside of the pilot through the app simply because the exprience was so much better than their old software.

We have been able to successfully deliver fixes and feature improvements quickly since launch only furthering their appreciation and positive experience with the application we've built.

Next big goal

I have always been queasy about public speaking; my next big goal is to put myself in a situation that will force me out of my comfort zone with public speaking. In order to help meet this goal, I've been writing up speaking proposals to submit for conferences later this year. Whether or not I get accepted, I aim to keep trying.

Why is choosing your own path important?

You know destiny is a funny thing. You never know how things are going to work out. But if you keep an open mind and an open heart, I promise you will find your own destiny someday.

- General Iroh, Avatar the Last Airbender

Choosing your own path or destiny is important to your happiness, health, and career; but if I have learned anything, it isn't easy. Plans change, priorities change, and nothing ever truly works out as you expect. However, it is extremely important that the path you choose is your own. Only then can you find true freedom and happiness in the choices you make and the path you follow. Following a path that someone else sets for you only sets you up for disappointment – both for yourself and for the person who wanted you to go this path.

Let life happen as it happens.

Favorite place on campus

The Fish House

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