Ben Frederick

From Kalamazoo, MI

Highschool: Parchment High School

Class of 2016
Future Alma Mater:
Spring Arbor University

Independent Student of the Day

Ben Frederick is a junior communication and philosophy double major at Spring Arbor University.

Ben is originally from Kalamazoo, MI, where his mom, dad, two sisters and a dog named Shiloh live.  Spring Arbor University has ignited Ben's passion for learning.  "I graduated from high school with little to no interest in education, but that all changed when I started college. Now, I love learning and can't wait for new classes every semester!"

Ben is the president for the Student Government Association where he represents the student body to the university, creatively markets and promotes campus events and initiatives, and leads the student body towards growth, creativity and unity.

Currently, Ben is an intern with Experience Mission.  He organizes and leads eight week long mission trips in Missouri and Oklahoma.

My motivation

My motivation for working hard and doing well is to live a more full and meaningful life.  By pursuing my fullest creative potential I bring other people along with me.  When I clearly see my purpose and run after it, I enable the people around me to live in their purpose.  I believe that the best things are born out of a community that intentionally encourages and engages one another.  Right now, I am in a good place to do that in my job and my education.

My latest accomplishments

Recently, I was elected Student Body President. I work with twenty-two staff members to create a strong and healthy campus culture through planning events and representing the students to the university administration.

Next big goal

Currently, I am looking forward to pursuing my purpose and career in new ways through internships.  I recently interned with a U.S. Congressman's office and now am interning with a missions organization.  It is important to me to be active and conscious of the social environment around me.  I am hoping my internships will help with that.

Why is choosing your own path important?

It is important to choose our own path because we were all created with a very specific and exciting skill set.  When we blindly go through life letting other people make our decisions for us, we do the world an injustice.  We all have incredible gifts and talents to offer and it is our purpose to use them and fulfill them well.

Favorite place on campus

Sacred Grounds, our school's coffee shop... or really, wherever the coffee is!

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