Boaz Gillette

From Taipei, Taiwan

Highschool: Morrison Academy

Class of 2018
Future Alma Mater:
Spring Arbor University

Independent Student of the Day

Boaz Gillette is a senior at Spring Arbor University majoring in social studies with a minor in English.

Boaz grew up in Taipei, Taiwan. His mother is Chinese and his father is American. While growing up, Boaz experienced both cultures, which he deeply appreciates. He lived in Taiwan for twenty years, followed by a year of serving in the Taiwanese military before coming to the U.S. for college. Boaz speaks both Mandarin and English fluently, and aspires to be either a social studies or English teacher at the middle school grade level.

My motivation

Christ. Without Christ in my life I wouldn't know what to do with myself, neither would I trust myself to know what to do. The best relationships that I have are developed are centered around Christ as our motivation. 

My latest accomplishments

Sometimes organic conversations develop into life changing discussions. Recently I had one of these experiences with some friends of mine and while this wasn't an accomplishment on my behalf, it was a deepening of relationships that will last me a lifetime. 

Next big goal

I hope to do a three week study program in the Czech Republic following by a visit to Russia for the 2018 World Cup. That's next on my radar and I'm very excited for it. 

Why is choosing your own path important?

I think often times we allow ourselves to choose safe and dependable paths. Risks are important and crucial if we want to further explore and develop who we are and what our passions are. We can't allow our fear of failure to paralyze our abilities to venture out into our own path. Everyone is different and our differences allow us to contribute something distinct to society. 

Favorite place on campus

Ormston 2, my residence hall

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