Bryan Zinn

From Canton, MI

Highschool: Plymouth High School

Class of 2015
Future Alma Mater:
Spring Arbor University

Independent Student of the Day

Bryan Zinn is a Spring Arbor University student from Canton, Michigan.  He is a senior studying philosophy.

In addition to his studies, Bryan dedicates his time to several on-campus organizations and activities. He works as a Teacher's Assistant for a philosophy professor and represents his fellow students at events and luncheons as a Presidential Ambassador. Bryan also serves as the Spiritual Life Advisor Co-Coordinator within the Student Government Association and helps lead worship for Spring Arbor University's chapel services twice a week.

Off campus, he spends his time hanging out with high school students at a local youth group or hosting retreats as part of his intern roles at Bair Lake Bible Camp.

Bryan enjoys being around people, investing in relationships and serving his community. 

My motivation

There are two major motivations or reasons for why I do what I do. First is the concept of honoring through work. I believe that it is possible to honor people through the work that we do. I do not mean just myself, but those who ask work of me or who come in contact with work I do. People are deserving of respect and honor and I have found that one of the ways I give that best is through dedicated hard work for them.

Second, I believe that people are amazing and incredibly important. I strive to be alongside people as they are going through their toughest moments and celebrating their greatest victories. If I have to go through a couple "hoops" to get the credentials to have a position that allows me to work with people, whether they be soldiers or students, then I will do what I have to do.

My latest accomplishments

I was recently asked to be a research assistant for a professor who is publishing a book in the next year. I spend a lot of time researching Christian traditions of understanding "holiness" and how different traditions have responded to the theory of evolution. 

Next big goal

As my time as an undergraduate student ends, I am looking heavily into graduate studies. Currently I am considering the pursuit of a Master of Divinity degree at Asbury Theological Seminary in Kentucky with the end goal of Army Chaplaincy and future teaching at the collegiate level. So for now, I need to finish strong and get accepted into some masters programs.

Why is choosing your own path important?

Choosing your own path is invaluable. It is important for the simpliest of beliefs as well as the furthering of anything. With any belief, if it is not a self chosen path that has wrestled with doubt and hard questions but has simply received the popular belief of the social context, then that belief is not very deep. Further, a corporation or business that does not choose its own path will not stand out among its competition. As a consumer, I am more likely to support a business that is creating their own path than one that has only reproduced what has come before them. Lastly, society does not grow if people are not choosing their own path. It is the outlier and few individuals that arise to shape the course of history and improved society.

Favorite place on campus

My hall from my freshman and sophomore years in the dorms.

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