Frank Bruno

From Frankfort, Illinois

Class of 2017
Future Alma Mater:
Hillsdale College

Independent Student of the Day

Frank Bruno is a senior at Hillsdale College, studying politics.

When asked about his involvement on campus, Frank laughs. “It would probably be quicker for me to list the things I’m not involved in.” The list of his campus activities is certainly extensive: Frank is an active member of the Sigma Chi Fraternity, serving as house director and chapter editor. He also works for the admissions office as a student ambassador, giving guided tours of campus to prospective students and friends of the college. As an officer for the Young Americans for Freedom student organization, Frank plans and promotes political events on campus, as well as weekly meetings and the 2015 trip to CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference). Frank also competes on the Forensics team, is a member of the rugby team, and plays lead guitar in a student band. According to Frank, the small student body size and the intimate campus environment presents a huge advantage for involvement in student life, because “both freshmen and upperclassmen get real opportunities to take leadership roles in campus clubs and organizations.”

Frank is an aspiring psephologist (one who studies and analyzes election results and poll data). His interest in politics started in high school when he began following the 2012 Presidential Election obsessively and analyzing voting data from each campaign. The Hillsdale College Politics and Economics Departments, and particularly the Constitution 101 core curriculum class, have been instrumental in shaping his perspective on public policy issues and developing his interests in politics. “In Constitution 101, we don’t just read the documents. We discuss why the Constitution was written the way it was, what it’s meant to do, how the ideas enshrined in it came about, and why it’s so important. I think it’s a class that should be mandatory at all schools because it influences every part of our society. To be an American, yet not understand the Constitution—that would be a tragedy.”

Frank particularly appreciates the practical experience that his professors bring to bear on the topics that they teach. “I’m taking a class with Dr. Wolfram right now, and I have never had politic and economic concepts explained to me in such a clear, compelling way. Dr. Wolfram served in the Michigan state government, and he brings real-life stories relating to lecture topics into our class discussions, stories that help to clarity complex ideas and bring them to life.” For Frank, these classes have transformed his ability to develop political opinions. “The amazing politics professors at Hillsdale have both expanded my understanding of ideas about Constitutionally-limited government and conservatism, and equipped me to defend them.”

Frank says, “I came to Hillsdale because it gave me the best financial aid package. I stayed because it gave me the best education. I could not be happier anywhere else, and I’m grateful to my dad for pushing me to apply here. The opportunities and rewards that will come from your effort here completely outweigh anything you could possibly get elsewhere.”

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