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Ginette Balbin-Cuesta

Class of 2015

Independent Student of the Day

Ginette Balbin-Cuesta, of Northville, MI, is a senior (recent May graduate!) at Marygrove College.  Her four years at Marygrove have resulted in a B.S. in Biology and a B.F.A. in Fine Arts with a minor in chemistry. Ginette's next step is to apply to medical school while maintaining her interest in clinical research.

As it can probably be discerned from her choices in majors, Ginette is inspired by interdisciplinary learning. Part of the reason she chose to attend Marygrove was that the College enabled her to take a wide variety of liberal arts courses. At Marygrove, Ginette can spend her mornings in an Anatomy and Physiology class and afternoons in the figure-drawing studio. "I think, especially as a future physician, it’s important not to box yourself into predetermined labels. I’m more than just a scientist and more than just an artist," she says.

Ginette's interdisciplinary pursuits can be best exemplified through her participation in the Michigan Colleges Alliance Third 90 Network.  In this program, she was able to work with students from Detroit public and charter high schools on art projects that communicated their knowledge of science through the fine arts. Ginette and the students did things like create zombie-themed comic book lab reports and earthwork art installations on Belle Isle.

Being able to participate in this program has been just one of the benefits of attending Marygrove. Ginette helped start a college chapter of Amnesty International and led the Multicultural Club and Honors Program on campus. She has had the opportunity to show her artwork in professional galleries, while also being accepted into the Wayne State University Cancer Biology Summer Research Fellowship. "Each of these opportunities," Ginette says, "wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for Marygrove and the wonderful professors there."

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