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Jeremy Otto

Class of 2018
Future Alma Mater:

Independent Student of the Day

Jeremy Otto is a fifth year senior at Madonna University majoring in business. He transferred to Madonna two and a half years ago when his boss from Marygrove College took a job there. During his time at Marygrove, Jeremy was able to help establish the Mustang Sports Network. This was a significant establishment considering that upon arrival at Marygrove, there was little to no coverage of sports. By year three, he was able to help establish a two camera video production of all home events.

After transferring to Madonna, it was Jeremy's goal to create a similar network there. He along with his broadcast partner Brendan Johnson did just that and established the Madonna Athletics Network. The production now includes multiple cameras, commercials, interviews, features, and more. 

Jeremy as also recently started a broadcasting internship with the Detroit Tigers. He is especially excited for the opportunity to work in the home radio booth during the games. 

This Fall, he will be entering his fifth season as the lead play-by-play announcer of the Detroit Catholic High School League Game of the Week on FM 101.5 and AM 1400 the Patriot

This is Jeremy's ninth year in broadcasting. He started during his freshman year in high school at U of D Jesuit where he helped build the Cub Sportscast, a live streaming platform for UDJ athletics. Now, whenever he gets the chance, he likes to travel to minor league games around the area, and go to stadiums and arenas that he has never been to before.

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