John Brownlow

From Ada, MI

Highschool: Forest Hills Central High School

Class of 2017
Future Alma Mater:
Albion College

Independent Student of the Day

John Brownlow, an Ada, MI native, likes to stay busy and active. Albion College provides a great place to be involved in academic institutions, professional fraternities, intramural sports and other organizations. John is an accounting major, business and organizations minor and is preparing to take the CPA exam. He also is the president of the Sigma Nu fraternity on campus, as well as a member of Delta Sigma Pi and the Gerald R. Ford Institute for Public Policy Investment Club. Naturally business-minded, John once owned and operated a small car detailing business. John enjoys living an active lifestyle, going to the gym and just moving around. His active lifestyle also blends with a love of cooking, even if it isn't always healthy cooking.  John enjoys trying new things, from new sports to new restaurants. He also enjoys listening to music and reading.

My motivation

Two things really motivate me: One, the chance to give back to those around me. I always feel that giving support to others and helping them grow makes me feel amazing. It is rewarding when I can help others through their problems. Second, the chance to improve myself though new experiences (especially failures). Failures are actually a blessing in disguise; if I fail, I feel motivated to discover what I did wrong and learn from that.

My latest accomplishments

In my current internship I was tasked with implementing the new accounting standards that will become the norm in 2017. The reason that this is such a huge accomplishment is I came into the internship with limited knowledge. I was given a 265 page accounting standards book and started to read. The reading didn't just stop there - it continued into other programs and articles. The revenue streams of the corporation had to be broken down and rebuilt in accordance with the new standards. The new templates I created will aid future finance employees in understanding how to record revenue in accordance with the new standard. The lasting impact my internship will have on the company is amazing. It makes me really feel like I have done meaningful work.

Next big goal

I am preparing to take the CPA exam.

Why is choosing your own path important?

The only way to spur innovation and growth is to take risks and go against the grain. If you choose to take the path that is most followed you will tend to just be average. I choose my own path to improve myself in all areas of my life, professionally and socially.

Favorite place on campus

I would have to say it is my fraternity house. I can surround myself with others that care for me and help me grow. I also enjoy the fact that I am given so many opportunities to become a better leader and a better man.

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