Kailie West

From Grand Rapids, MI

Highschool: East Kentwood High School

Class of 2016
Future Alma Mater:
Aquinas College

Independent Student of the Day

Kailie West is a junior at Aquinas College, majoring in education and community leadership.

For Kailie, selecting Aquinas College as her college of choice was all about location, location, location.  Kailie grew up in Grand Rapids, MI and decided to attend Aquinas because it is near the heart of the city she knows and loves.  Grand Rapids has a strong community with lots of recent growth and exciting opportunities.  Kailie knew that the welcoming community of Aquinas would mirror that of Grand Rapids.

Now an AQ student, Kailie is a Writing Center Peer Consultant, Student Ambassador, and Center for Diversity and Inclusion Peer Mentor.

This year, Kailie received the Outstanding Student Service Heart and Soul Award from the Michigan Campus Compact, an award that recognizes students for their time, effort and personal commitment to their community through service.  She also was recognized by Aquinas as a Top 5 Finalist for the 2015 Junior Class Outstanding Student Award and as a nominee for the 2015 Outstanding Woman Award.

Through her varied experiences at Aquinas, Kailie says she has grown into a person with many passions including teaching and education, service, community, diversity, travel, and finding joy in the simple things in life.

My motivation

My family is definitely my primary inspiration and motivation. They are incredibly supportive and I love making them proud. I am also highly motivated by helping others. Anytime that I get to work with kids, adults, or families, it gives me all of the reward and motivation that I need to continue working hard in life.   

My latest accomplishments

My latest accomplishment has been my internship at the Literacy Center of West Michigan. I have appreciated the opportunity to be placed there for my Community Leadership Practicum course. The people that I have met, skills that I have gained, and tasks that I have accomplished there have been so valuable.

Next big goal

My goal within the next year is to complete my community leadership major at Aquinas and find a position in a local nonprofit organization.

Why is choosing your own path important?

Each of us have unique talents and passions. We all have had experiences that led us to exactly where we are today. Our journey also must be on our own unique path in which we utilize those talents, passions, and experiences. If we choose our own path, we can reach our greatest potential and make the greatest difference in the world.

Favorite place on campus

I absolutely love the natural beauty on campus. My favorite place to be and to study is at a picnic table next to Wege Pond. It is so peaceful and beautiful!

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