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Stephanie Lamb

Class of 2015
Future Alma Mater:

Independent Student of the Day

Stephanie Lamb is a senior at Olivet College with a dual major in ecology/organismal biology and environmental science. She plans to pursue her master's in behavioral ecology, the study of the evolutionary adaptation of animal behavior due to ecological pressures. Stephanie appreciates that the field won’t lock her down to any particular subset of species; instead behavioral ecology has broad applications for the understanding of behavior, intelligence and learning processes of human and non-human animals.

Stephanie is a Cutler Fellowship award winner, a merit award granted to a student entering his or her junior or senior year of study in mathematics, science, and/or computer science. The award is presented with the expectation that the recipient make a substantial contribution to the advancement of their field at Olivet College during his or her year as a "Cutler Fellow."

As part of her Cutler Fellowship, Stephanie spent this past fall assessing biodiversity along the Lansing River Walk. She used this opportunity to further enhance her research skills, become more familiar with data analysis, and learn more about habitat assessment and population survey methods.

Stephanie focused her research primarily on the different birds present in several sections of the Lansing River Walk to assess habitat quality.  After collecting and analyzing data, she was able to determine if certain areas are more disturbed than others and make suggestions to the Friends of the River Trail.  It is Stephanie’s goal that her research help the city maintain or increase biodiversity along the walk, while also providing the general public additional opportunities to view wildlife in its natural habitat.  Now, Stephanie is hoping to present her results on a poster in the Michigan Academy of Science, Arts and Letters.

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