Alma College Tailors Unique Activities for Students

There’s a million reasons why college is such an incredible experience. That’s partly because there’s usually a million things to do at college.

Where else, for instance, could you start your week taking in a vocal recital on a Sunday afternoon? And end it on Friday playing Kick Ball Slip & Slide?

What is Kick Ball Slip & Slide? Like the name suggests, it combines slip and slide and kickball, substituting bases for kiddie pools.

Or better yet, watch a video.

The two events are bookends of a typical week at Alma College. They’re taken randomly from the September calendar.

There’s always something going on at Alma because community is integral to everything they do – from Greeks to Geeks and Everything in Between.

To wit: Also that week are at least six fraternity mixers, chapel band concerts, a trip to an apple orchard, workshops about responsibly using credit cards, high tea, a trip to Grand Rapids’ world famous ArtPrize, visits from therapy dogs, a knockoff on the Dating Game, a dance competition, organized Magic the Gathering games, a trip to see the Detroit Tigers, organized Saturday dinner and movie night with kids.


And those are just activities available to all students that don’t include sports games, study sessions, free seminars and — one of the best parts of college — hanging out with your friends.

And we haven’t even mentioned classes. The point is that, now more than ever, there is something for everyone at colleges like Alma and Michigan’s top 14 independent colleges and universities.

The chock-a-block events don’t just keep students busy. They’re provided to build community. And that’s something Alma and the other independents take seriously.

Alma and other colleges don’t expect all students to take advantage of every activity. But they offer them to help students chart their path and form tight bonds with other students, as well as lifetime relationships with world-renowned faculty.

It’s one of many ways smaller schools like Alma are different than big state schools, where it’s easy to get lost in the crowd.

The schools are intentionally small, so students form tight bonds with other students and lifetime relationships with world-renowned faculty who are experts in their fields.

Often less expensive than public institutions, the independents boast higher four-year graduation rates and smaller class sizes for a truly unique and affordable experience.

Be bold. Be different. Go independent.